In the Campolindo Leadership Equity Council, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The sudden withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the increase of Taliban power have left many Afghan citizens vulnerable, especially women and children. Collaborating with ASB Leadership to introduce donation opportunities and fundraising through selling bracelets, we have raised hundreds of dollars and continue to do so.

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The Voting Registration Initiative encourages students to register to vote through active support from the Community Outreach Committee. Representatives created presentations and gave Campolindo Students the information and resources necessary to become active citizens in government. This initiative has been successful in encouraging student participation in local, state, and national elections and government.

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Since the creation of the Bias Incident Reporting System in 2020, the Leadership Equity Council has been working to inform the Campolindo Community about BIRT, distributing flyers with QR codes around campus. LEC   the BIRT  Response Team in Responding to incidents of bias on campus. Representatives from the Leadership Equity Council have co-led academies with teachers educating students on race, identity, gender, and the use of BIRT on Campus.

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The Athletic Leadership Council is a Restorative Justice Initiative focused on creating a more inclusive community. The Council fosters outreach to athletic leaders on campus and provides the information and tools to help foster a more inclusive and equitable environment in athletics.



Dedicated to improving mental health on Campus, Community Outreach engaged in spreading awareness about mental health resources on campus, creating encouraging posters, and continues to collaborate with the Campo Wellness Center. The Restorative Justice Committee created a video introducing the wellness center which was shown to the student body during an equity academy. The Leadership Equity Council has also created wellness activities for the school during suicide prevention month.

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Affinity Month Presentations

Members of the Education Subcommittee have been working on presentations for each affinity month to educate students on different cultures and identities.  October is Filipino American History Month, and for this affinity month, a representative made a presentation on Filipino American History in the US and history on relations between the Philippines and the US, information that isn't taught in most history classes. In honor of National Coming Out Day, a representative created a presentation educating students and faculty alike on LGBTQ+ history, modern queer figures, and important events in the LGBTQ+ community.

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